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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Still Here

That's right I am still here! We are alive I swear, haha! Life is good but it is BUSY. I am not complaining though because I am just thankful to have work. The horses are doing good. Moose has learned a few tricks of his own which I will post pictures of. I have been riding him in the side pull bitless bridle and he loves it. I ha vent jumped him in it yet and haven't jumped much lately anyway. Haven't had the time or finances for lessons and I don't want to over face him or do anything that is gonna back track us so we have been mostly doing ground work and simple things in the saddle like leads and getting him using that butt!
May's mohawk is looking awesome! I have to get some more recent pictures to post on here. It grew SO fast! Or at least it seems like it grew really fast.  I have a barrel race this weekend and I plan on taking her. Hopefully I will get to practice today or tomorrow a little bit. Mostly I have just been exercising her at night because it has been so HOT!!!
Riley is also doing wonderful. There is a lot coming up for him that I never even imagined we would be doing. One of my racing friends wants us to come and put on a show for her camp kids. I agreed as it is good exposure for me and Riley and getting him used to doing all his tricks in other environments. So far we have hauled two diff places to practice them and he has done FABULOUS! I was so proud of him that he was trusting and comfortable enough to do everything in unfamiliar places with nothing but the neckrope I ordered for him ( which I LOVE!!) Monday I even took him on a bridleless bareback trail ride at one of the barns we hauled to and he did perfect! 
I know the blog was made for Moose and lately I have talked mostly of Riley but it is a blog for all my horses and I mostly talk about what is going on at the time. Right now all this stuff with Riley is whats going on and it is a big deal to me. A couple of weeks back we were asked to do a training demo in Sept for the AL Horse Council, the Coosa Country Horse clinic. Of course I was surprised but excited (and nervous!) about the opportunity but accepted. I know it will be a lot of fun and good for both of us. Riley and I have done lots of competitions but nothing like this so it will be interesting to see how we do. I have trust and faith in my boy. Their expecting a big turn out. One of my friends is doing a Western Dressage clinic which I think is AWESOME! They will also have tons of different booths of everything you could imagine.

Now onto the pictures! Most of the time the pictures I have are crappy cell phone pictures but for once I have some camera pictures ..Yay! Some of them are still cell phone pics but most of them aren't. The first pictures are of course Riley performing some of his tricks. The first one usually gets a good reaction. I cued Riley to yawn and than made a funny face :) The second set of pictures are all Moose doing a few tricks (smile and lay) and than the last one is of Riley when I rode him bridleless bareback on that trail ride.  Also my birthday is next week and guess what I asked for? A camera! Yay for no more crappy cell phone pics and I can really get back to blogging. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their week!

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